Anne Postic
Biography Anne discovered the harp in 1990 in Douarnenez. She continued to study music in Lorient and then in Quimper where she obtained her degree in traditional music in 2003. Throughout this time, she studied with harpists from Brittany, Ireland, Scotland, and the United States. Anne played for a while with the Breton choir Kanerien Sant Meryn, bands Snap Chouchenn and Lirzhin, the story-teller Angele Jacq, and the poet Louis Bertholom. Out of curiosity, she played the classical harp and the wire-strung harp for a while. She also explored various types of music, from classical to modern, but she has a strong preference for traditional music, which is the style of music she feels most at home with. Over the last fifteen years, Anne has had meetings, exchanges and friendships on either side of the Channel. Crossing the channel has become a vital need for her. But her travels are also musical, and here is an invitation to share them.
Réalisation : Ludovic Reungoat
Anne Postic was born in Landerneau in 1983. In April 1999, she won the first prize for lever harp at the Kan ar Bobl in Pontivy. In February 2000, she won the first prize in the highest category of the international competition UFAM in Paris. In May 2004, she won the second prize of the first Jakez François International Lever Harp Competition in Nantes. In October 2004, she interpreted "Telenn", piece by the composer Pierick Houdy, for the CD Anthologie de la Harpe Celtique released by Coop Breizh. In 2007, the national TV channel TF1 shew Anne’s passion in a report ( see the video (in French)).
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